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Como posso encontrar uma linha de polimento em gel UV não tóxica?

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First of all you need to understand what ‘tóxico’ means – and there is no quick answer.

Everything on this earth has a safe and unsafe level of toxicidade. Toxic means something that is harmful to the body, possibly even lethal. A química going from safe to toxic is specific to the chemical and the individual.

Unfortunately, the use of the word ‘toxic’ has been encouraged by some fear-based marketing e.g. ‘non-toxic formulation’ which suggests others are toxic when they are not! Ingredients such as HEMA (and several others) have attracted the ‘toxic’ label when it is actually the % that is toxic not the safe level.

The big problem is that, once reações alérgicas to an ingredient such as HEMA, the alergia stays for life and has other medical implications concerning dental and orthopedic procedures. There is no going back from this and it is a situation that has been caused needlessly by cheap ad badly formulated products plus lack of education and understanding.

Those looking for ‘non-toxic’ products are looking for the wrong thing. Hipoalergênico products can be a solution BUT there is no guarantee that no one will react to them. It is just a bit less likely. But correct and safe use is everything!

If you would like to read the full answer to this question head over to our Blog ‘Non-toxic o esmalte em gel: does it exist?’ AQUI to read more!

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