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Diploma Course Structure

The Nail Unit

Nail Anatomy

Learn about the structures of the nail, how the nail plate grows and its structure, and common nail conditions.

The Nail Unit:

Lesson 1 – Anatomy of the nail unit 
Lesson 2 – Nail plate growth
Lesson 3 – Nail plate structure
Lesson 4 – Nail bed and lunula
Lesson 5 – Seals of the nail
Lesson 6 – Nail conditions

Product Chemistry

Product Chemistry

Learn basic product chemistry and understand the polymerisation process that sits at the heart of the nail industry.

Product Chemistry:

Lesson 1 – What is a chemical 
Lesson 2 – Lotions, potions and polishes
Lesson 3 – Acrylics and their place in the industry
Lesson 4 – Liquid and powder
Lesson 5 – UV gels and other systems

Health and Safety

Nail Conditions

Essential health and safety to keep you and your clients safe; with strategies to minimise your risks from dust, vapours and products.

Health and  Safety:

Lesson 1 – Your working environment 
Lesson 2 – Hygiene
Lesson 3 – Safe use of products
Lesson 4 – Allergies and irritations
Lesson 5 – Working safely with clients

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