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UVC and How It can help the Nail Sector


If you have any understanding of UV energy you will know that UVC is harmful to humans. Deadly to viruses and pathogens! Using UVC as a disinfectant is not a new technology. It is used in many applications, such as purifying water, disinfecting an area when no human is present and many others

However, research over recent years has been looking into using the properties of UVC in a way that is safe for humans.

The technology I want to describe to you is not new. It has been used in many environments in the US, China, the military, hospitals, airlines and many more.

There are countless research reports, and the UK Gov are investing millions into providing this technology in schools, hospitals etc.

There is now a safe and supremely effective technology to provide 99.99% safety against the virus for homes, salons, and bigger areas! This technology kills any virus including Covid19 immediately!

Let me explain.

254nm (within the UVA spectrum) will kill any virus. For the air to be cleansed of any virus it needs to be sucked through this ‘energy’. Although there is plenty of proof that this is harmless to humans, there still remains a concern that it can be harmful to eyes.

There is ‘relatively’ new technology that has identified that 222nm has the same effect without being harmful to humans in any way! It has been called ‘Far 222’.

For an environment, there needs to be ‘high level’ cleansing and ‘low level’ cleansing.

‘High level’ is where the air in the upper part of an area can be sucked through the 254nm that will kill any virus. But clearly, this can take some time. ’Low level’ cleansing needs to be in the ambient room environment before it gets sucked into the high level. This arrangement ensures that all areas of a space is disinfected, and all viruses are inactivated.

Around the world many units are being developed and being deployed into MANY environments.

I would like to share with you a tested unit that can work for our sector! This has been tested by Doug Schoon who has written a report on its efficiency!

The unit is installed at a high level (2.1mt as a minimum) On the upper level it emits UVC of 254nm and fans direct the air through this. It has several safety features where the eyes should not be exposed to UVC so with this specific unit if any person comes within 60cms of the unit it shuts off! The UVC is also shielded and is directed upwards.

BUT, even better, it uses the 222nm as a downward energy source. This will cover an area of 50 sqm and if anyone is breathing out any virus it will be killed immediately!

This specific unit must be installed by an electrician to ensure all the safety features are correct. I personally, rarely recommend equipment and brands and NailKnowledge definitely does not. However, I do believe that this technology in an affordable unit that has been tested and approved by Doug Schoon is information that needs sharing. The current situation with the pandemic causes much anxiety. The technology is not new and has been widely tested but, this is the first time I have been aware of a unit that suits this industry so perfectly.

Manufacturers will be able to provide proof of the technology if required.

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