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Nail Glue

Nail glues come in many shapes and forms – Nail glues all contain a cyanoacrylate of some kind.
You use a nail glue to adhere an artificial nail tip to the natural nail. They have to work fast and adhere the tip to the natural nail even if it is slightly damp (maybe from product removal with a remover or handwashing)
Nail Glues are cosmetic grade super glues, it’s important not to use industrial standard super glues as these have not been screened and cleared for cosmetic use.
Its important to keep all nail glues regardless of the brand, off of the skin, as the compounds used to create the glue can be high allergen. (an allergen can trigger our immune system and suddenly we have developed an allergy)
Mechanically removing layers of skin during a nail service can also tribute to an allergic reaction with nail glues because you remove the stratum corneum that is the first defense barrier of our skin.

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