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Face to Face – Volume I

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Delve into the fascinating realm of nails and nail products with Volume 1 of our educational series. Packed with science-backed insights and real-world answers to questions posed by nail professionals, this eBook is your gateway to a deeper understanding of the intricate world beneath those polished surfaces.


Discover the comprehensive guide you’ve been waiting for in our eBook, Volume 1. Dive into the intricate world of nails and nail products as we explore topics ranging from Liquid/Powder Nail Coatings to Special Topics. This eBook is your ultimate resource for gaining a solid understanding of nail science and product chemistry. Whether you’re a nail professional seeking to enhance your knowledge or simply curious about the intricacies of nail coatings, UV nail lamps, contamination control, and more, this eBook has you covered. Join us on an educational journey that leaves no question unanswered, providing you with the essential insights you need.

Doug Schoon, currently residing in Dana Point, CA, is an internationally-recognized scientist with a Masters Degree in Chemistry from UC-Irvine, as well as an author and educator with over 30 years' experience in the cosmetic beauty and personal care industry.

He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry. Schoon has authored several books, video and audio training programs, as well as dozens of magazine articles about salon products, safety, and best practices for salon professionals.

In 1986, Schoon founded Chemical Awareness Training Service (CATS) the beauty industry's first safety training company. This was followed by his book, Nail Structure & Product Chemistry, 1st and 2nd Edition, which has become essential reading for all salon professionals.

Schoon is a chief contributor to Milady's Standard Nail Technology and Standard Cosmetology, as well as several medical reference books such as Baran and Maibach's Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology: A Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Text.

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Doug Schoon

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