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Consumers Facing Gel Polish Allergy Realities

Consumers Facing Gel Polish Allergy Realities


Increasing numbers of consumers are experiencing negative responses to gel polishes, particularly those using home kits obtained from high street stores and the internet.

They report red and itchy skin on the fingers, face, arms or chest. When they stop using the products the reactions go away. This suggests it is an allergic reaction to the products.

Then they take to social media to ask what to do. The ideal solution is to have a dermatology test to discover which ingredient is so it can be avoided. Or if this isn’t an option, then remove the product and DO NOT use it. many don’t want to hear this reply as they want pretty nails.

Using nail polish is an option but it doesn’t have the benefits of gel polish as it takes a while to dry and doesn’t last as long.

But this is the only correct answer! There is no other option.

Why is this so difficult to accept? If a consumer tries new face cream and breaks out in spots the face cream is discarded. If a home hair colour causes a reaction it isn’t used so why not nail gel products? But it seems this is not easily accepted! Is it because ‘it’s just nails’ and not on the skin’?

Well, it doesn’t work like this. Most consumers are not that interested in understanding the whys and wherefore. But must be accepted even if the answer is annoying.

Remove all products immediately and do not reapply. Get a test if possible then go to a professional who can look for products without the offending ingredient.

There is no other solution and the longer you continue using the products the worse the symptoms will be and can affect other health issues long term.

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