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Cosmetic nail plate enhacements and corrective techniques

Nail Plate Transformations: Mastering Cosmetic Enhancements and Corrective Techniques


In the world of nail care and aesthetics, achieving flawless nails is a top priority for many individuals. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally perfect nails. For those with damaged or imperfect nails, cosmetic nail plate enhancements offer a solution to enhance the appearance and boost confidence.

Cosmetic nail plate enhancements are a specialized technique aimed at improving the look of damaged or imperfect nails.

It’s essential to note that cosmetic nail plate enhancements differ from nail plate regulation, which involves correcting structural deformities or irregularities in the natural nail. While both techniques aim to improve the appearance of the nails, cosmetic enhancements focus solely on aesthetic enhancements rather than structural corrections.

One common scenario where cosmetic enhancements shine is when individuals experience nail damage due to trauma, such as accidents or injuries. In such cases, the nail may appear uneven, discolored, or have unsightly imperfections. Cosmetic enhancements can help camouflage these flaws, giving the nails a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Nail Plate Cosmetic Enhancements

These are from a college in the USA that specializes in cosmetic enhancements and his end results are always stunning.

nail plate cosmetic enhancements
Cosmetic Enhancements of the Nail Plate

Nail Plate Correction

Nail plate correction goes a step further by addressing underlying issues such as cracks, splits, or deformities. In nail plate correction we concentrate on improving the state of the natural nail and the nail unit – this takes longer and asks for a lot of discipline from the client and the results are always amazing even if we can’t solve the problem completely we can improve the situation considerably.

These brace and composite corrections are from a college in the Netherlands that specializes in Nail Plate Correction and her end results are also always stunning. It takes longer of course but dealing with the underlying issues really does make a difference. While the nail unit is recovering from the trauma, the brace and composite forces the nail plate to stay on track allowing the bed epithelium to recover, if its elasticity can be returned the nail plate will glide over the nail bed as it should.

That’s not to say that cosmetic improvement options are off the table, just that a choice needs to be made that is the best for the client and it is also the case that improvements to the nail plate first make cosmetic enhancements last longer.

nail plate correction techniques
Nail Plate Correction
nail plate correction profile
Nail Plate Correction

The same goes for hand nails

Here we have a habbit tick nail plate that was always covered up with nail product and with a nail prep with an efile because that’s the way she was trained, that wasn’t especially good for the lateral and proximal nail folds that temporarily improved the way the surrounding skin looked but actually just caused the surrounding skin to retreat, thicken and try to protect itself from any more damage.

We started recovery using a product that works in the nail plate and applying products to the surrounding skin that help maintain the moisture level in the skin, this means help the skin on its way to full recovery. Again this takes time – this is not a quick fix – but it will be so effective that when the nails and nail folds are recovered any or all artificial nail products can be used if the integrity of the nail plate and the nail unit is respected.

No filing of the nail plate with any file or an efile instead cleansen with an effective nail plate cleanser and maintaining moisture levels in the skin will help this nail and nail unit fully recover, we do however also have to coach her to make her mindful of the problem in the nail plate that is caused by the habbit of rubbing and picking. We will add to this blog as we make progress.

nail plate habbit tick
Recovery Procedure of Habbit Tick

Overall, cosmetic nail plate enhancements offer a valuable temporary solution for individuals seeking to enhance the beauty of their nails, especially those with damaged or imperfect nails and nail plate regulation will solve the underlying problem but neither can be properly and lastingly achieved without knowledge of the nail unit and all the different artificial nail products available that are needed to achieve the results.

We can ignore scientific evidence and medical facts but as professionals our clients expect and pay us not too.

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