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Smell of Acrylic linked to MMA

Is the Smell of Acrylic Liquid Linked to MMA?


The Acrylic Liquid Smell: Dispelling the MMA Misconception

Have you ever been told that if your acrylic liquid has a strong smell, it must contain MMA (methyl methacrylate)? It’s a common misconception in the nail industry, but let’s debunk this myth and set the record straight.

Understanding the Smell in Acrylic Liquids

First and foremost, it’s essential to know that all artificial nail systems based on monomer liquids have some level of odor. Even those marketed as “odorless” still have a detectable scent. The intensity of the odor can vary between different brands and products, but the presence of an odor alone doesn’t indicate the use of MMA.

Why Odor Isn’t a Reliable Indicator

Assuming that an acrylic liquid contains MMA solely based on its smell is a reckless generalization. Some of the best and most effective monomer ingredients used in artificial nail liquids do have noticeable odors. Therefore, the presence of an odor doesn’t necessarily imply that the product is unsafe or contains MMA.

The Importance of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To make an informed judgment about a nail coating product, it’s crucial to refer to its Safety Data Sheet (SDS), also known as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). If a product contains MMA in a concentration greater than 1%, it must be listed on the SDS.

Red Flags and Safety Precautions

If you find that an SDS for a particular product is not readily available or easily obtainable, it’s a red flag. Nail technicians should exercise caution and prioritize safety. Using nail enhancement products without reviewing the SDS could mean missing essential information regarding proper and safe handling.

The Truth About Acrylic Liquid Smells and MMA Content

While the smell of acrylic liquid can vary from one brand to another, associating a strong odor solely with MMA is a misconception. Always refer to the SDS for accurate information about a product’s composition. Your safety and the quality of your nail applications should never be compromised. Stay informed, stay safe, and provide the best nail services to your clients.

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