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Manicure Training is Essential

Manicures Before Enhancements: Building a Solid Base


It is not a good idea to skip gaining a manicure qualification and go straight to UV gel polish or enhancements.

That is like learning how to colour hair without understanding hair!

Why Manicure Training is Essential

A manicure qualification is not a 1-day course. There is a lot of anatomy and physiology to learn (and not just read about), nail and skin conditions including those that are considered to be contra-indications. There is also a lot of practice in providing a manicure including painting. Ideally, there should be several case studies as every individual is different. The case studies should follow a treatment plan which can be amended if needed. The recommended teaching hours for regulated qualification of Providing a manicure treatment is 50 hours+.

Addressing Gaps in Traditional Manicure Training

It is becoming obvious from questions being asked on SM platforms that manicure training is being skipped. Many nail professionals don’t know how to use traditional nail polish (it dries too quickly when they are used to using UV gel polish), they are unaware of common nail and skin conditions and do not know how to give good home care advice.

Manicuring is the basis of all nail services. Do not skip this important first step!

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