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Nail Professional or Chemist?


There are several articles here in NailKnowledge about not mixing systems, the correct UV lamp, no to a ‘universal’ monomer. Well, here is another one!

If you have taken the NailKnowledge Course or have received a good level of education, you will know what a massively complicated subject nail coatings are. In the world of cosmetics, they are some of THE most complicated from a formulation point of view and are also very safe when used correctly.

Many chemists spend a lifetime specialising in polymer chemistry. Some specialise in the UV cured materials, some in what we know as L&P and some will specialise in both. They know what they are talking about, and their formulations are very carefully developed and, when thoroughly tested, provide detailed instructions for correct use.

In this sector of the wider beauty industry, we are nail professionals (that is, we earn our living at caring for clients nails with regard to their health and aesthetic appeal with colours and designs). Nail health and the safety of the client and the professional are the number 1 considerations. After that comes understanding the science so we can work safely and troubleshoot when things go wrong. Last, but by no means least, is the level of skill needed to provide our clients with what they want.

Unfortunately, there are many in this sector who believe themselves to be chemists! If not chemists, then ‘unbelievers’ who think everything is a marketing exercise to relieve you of your hard-earned cash to make more for them!

We are all aware of many unscrupulous companies who do this and often quite deliberately. Others who decide to create a brand but do not have enough knowledge to understand what they are selling. But there are MANY ethical companies who put the safety of their customers and clients at the forefront of their company ethos.

It is the highly qualified chemists and ethical companies we should be listening to!

No nail pro (unless they have a relevant degree in chemistry) should be playing at being a chemist or ‘mixologist’.

Matched systems are KEY! An L&P system is designed to work together for a proper cure with no left-over unreacted monomers. The ‘medium dry’ ratio is also KEY as too wet WILL result in unreacted monomers (regardless of what the IG or YouTube influencers are saying – They are not chemists either!) UV cured coatings need correct application and a matched UV lamp.

So many also believe that layering different brands is also safe! It might be but… don’t KNOW that. “Doing this for years with no problems’ just does not cut it and voids your insurance!

Every day there are more nail pros on social media with horrible skin and/or nail reactions! This is almost entirely avoidable! The result of this is, far too often, the destruction of a loved career! More and more clients can no longer be clients as they have developed allergies. Game over!

To conclude:

  • believe the expert chemists and ethical companies
  • understand the science and avoid overexposure
  • focus on the best in education and keep learning
  • safeguard your career, health, skin and nails
  • protect your clients with safe products and, above all, safe working practices
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