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science and nails

Science and Nails


If you think that ‘just doing nails’ is a career then think again! Science and nails go together!

So many young people have heard the comment: “you’re not very academic, so why not be a hairdresser or beautician?”. That could not be further from the truth!

Unfortunately, a lot of those entering the industry believe this and think a very short course or two will get them earning! But…..they don’t know what they don’t know until they’ve wasted time and money and find it’s different from that. (Well, those that take pride in their career do!)

Not everyone has a ‘science brain’ or even has any real interest in it. Hated it at school and hate it now! But to be an efficient, effective, and safe nail professional there is an amount of science that is essential!

It doesn’t have to be a ‘deep dive’ into chemistry and biology, although many love that level of knowledge. But it does have to be a level of learning and understanding whether you like it or not!

So, I can hear the ‘science haters’ say “but why?? I can paint nails, use UV gel polish, make nails longer, apply gorgeous nail art!!”

This is why:

As a nail professional, you are providing a treatment or a service to real people (who are all different) and expecting them to pay for it. You work on parts of the human body and have the ability to injure or even permanently harm those same people who are paying you for your services.

You owe it to them and yourself to have a reasonable understanding of human anatomy and physiology. What is the A&P of the nail unit?? How does skin actually ‘work’?? How can you be able to recognise conditions that you must leave alone or you could make even worse for that person? 

It is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. (And you cannot rely on FaceBook to give you all the quick fix answers! Nor can you rely on your insurance underwriter or broker, as they are not nail experts!)

The majority of nail coatings (with the exception of lotions and potions) are, without a doubt, hazardous! They fall into the remit of the highest level of safety in any country.

They may be cosmetics but they are cosmetics that can injure and harm people! Even you!

You MUST understand the basic science of the products you use on a daily basis. This is not only to keep you and your clients safe but will allow you to troubleshoot problems without resorting to dubious advice from social media platforms. 

The only one who can do this is YOU! Take responsibility for your own career and the health and safety of your clients. Do your own due diligence.

If you think science and nails don’t go together, or that science is only for ‘geeks and nerds’ then think again!

If you hate it or don’t have time to learn it, rethink your career and find something else!

Making people’s nails “look pretty” is the end result of a lot of study and learning. It is not the beginning.

“Can’t be doing with the science stuff!” Then go to another career that you can take seriously. 

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