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Types of nail pros

Types of Nail Pros


It seems to me there are 2 types of nail pros who provide UV Gel Polish services on a regular basis. I can see the benefits of both types but know which one I prefer!

Note that both types are skilled and experienced.

Type 1: Proud of a quick and efficient service

  • This service is in the range of 30-45 minutes. More like the traditional polish manicure. Includes removal. Maybe if they are an e-file user, they remove the colour down to a clear hard gel coating so they can see the nail plate. Removal and prep are super quick.
  • Fast application of colour, with the whole hand getting painted at the same time.
  • Super fast, very efficient, and good results ready for the next 2-3 week appointment.

Type 2: Meticulous, slow, treating each nail individually

  • This type of nail pro probably doesn’t use an e-file but does an efficient removal. They have a good understanding of their products and the time needed. The treatment/service can take between 1-2 hours.
  • They prepare every nail meticulously, taking time. After that, each nail has the product applied that suits that specific nail as the brand used has several options. Maybe one or two need a bit of help or extra protection; maybe a few need a shape improvement with better curves.
  • Probably only two nails have product applied at the same time before flash curing or full curing. 
  • At the end of the colour application, they inspect every nail for perfect application and ‘light lines’, and they seal every edge immaculately, with no gaps nor rough edges (no product on the underside). Any imperfections are rectified. Then the top coat. Again a meticulous inspection and reapplication if needed
  • A long service that needs to have an appropriate fee charged.

Now, these two alternatives are ideal situations, and we all know there are many alternatives in between. Unfortunately, also some that just don’t show our sector at its best!

They both suit a range of clients as some just don’t have the time or maybe agree with the extra cost of the longer service. But we all recognise the client who inspects every tiny step, and points out a speck of dust or an 0.5mm missed side wall or free edge. Then the one who is impatient, just wants their nails painted and looking pretty so they can leave!

I have to admit that I, personally, saw the start of the UV Gel Polish service when it launched 15 years ago as a ‘manicure with no dry time’. Get it done quickly and efficiently and charge a bit more. 

Now, the products available have changed this approach up to a whole different level. It can be a ‘manicure with no dry time’ but it can also be so much more than that.

One of the biggest mistakes the sector makes is putting adhesion and longevity over meticulous prep and the insistence of 2-3 week rebooking. Adhesion so prep doesn’t need to be as perfect, and longevity as clients don’t want to pay for a 2-3 week appointment. We are all aware of the problems this approach is causing (or should be!)

Which one are you?

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