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The magic of hand and foot massage in nail services

The Magic of Hand and Foot Massage


As nail professionals, we tend to get “seduced” by new “toys” like colors, nail art, shapes, and gadgets. But sometimes we forget one vital part of our services: the magic of hand and foot massage.

Touch plays a significant role in how you can connect with your clients. Hand and foot massage will help your client unwind, relax, and feel satisfied. During a manicure or a pedicure, massage will help soothe sore hands that ache from daily tasks, and relieve stress from tired feet. After all, massage has served as a healing art for centuries! It can treat pain, reduce stress, and lift someone’s spirits. It improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain. A good massage at the end of the service will stimulate the release of hormones in the body that bring relaxation and a sense of calmness. And remember that crunchy feeling during a foot massage? Those are accumulated toxins that you are helping break up!

Hand and foot massages are also a way to set your salon apart from the others in your area. Offer different levels of massage, either as part of the service or as an add-on. Remember to adjust your price menu to reflect these options. Invest in learning basic massage techniques that you can incorporate in your services. Great examples are Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue, energy line therapy, and acupressure points. Once you fell comfortable, mix and match the techniques and pressure to customize the service depending your client’s needs. For a more stimulating service, do quicker, more energetic movements. For a more relaxing experience, use slower, longer movements. Extend your massage to the arms and legs of the client for a more effective service.

You can enhance the effects of your massage service by using a lotion or an oil infused with essential oils. Choose the essential oil that will help reduce the signs of fatigue, relax the muscles, or help energize your client. Again, a great opportunity to customize your service!

Offering massage options to your clients shows them that you care for their overall wellness, and enhances the final result of your services. Remember: the difference between a good and an excellent service is how you make your clients feel.

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