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UV GEl Wavelength

The UV Gel Wavelength Mystery


Why Knowing It Won’t Guarantee a Proper Cure

Many nail pros are asking for the wavelength needed for their UV gel products so they can match the lamp to them.

Knowing this will not help you!

The Exclusive Science Behind UV Gel Lamp Testing

There is much more information needed that is impossible to know. The ONLY way a UV gel can be tested in a lamp to make sure it will be properly cured is by the manufacturer of the gel using specific scientific equipment.

This is NOT a marketing story to sell more lamps. It is a safety aspect of all UV cured materials.

The Intricacies of UV Gel Lamp Design: Beyond Wavelength

The wavelength is just the starting point. It also needs:

  • the illuminance, that is the amount of light produced and will depend on the type of bulb and the internal electronics
  • the distance of the nails away from the bulbs
  • the amount of reflection within the lamp
  • the correct time for a proper cure

All of these characteristics will be taken into account when designing the correct lamp. As with any commodity, there are cheaper and more expensive versions and this includes every electrical component in a lamp. Some lose power quickly and others will last a lot longer.

The Durability Dilemma: Factors Affecting UV Gel Lamp Lifespan

I am sure most people have used a bulb in their home and one lasts for months before failing and another lasts a matter of weeks before going. The same applies to the LED’s in the lamp. There are many different kinds. Some are good and some not so good so lose power after a few weeks but others will work efficiently for a couple of years

UV Gel Lamps: The Challenge of Achieving the Perfect Cure

To design a unique lamp costs 100’s of 1000’s of pounds to develop and make and many brands just don’t have that much to invest in their business. If this is the case then they have to rely on a ready made ‘off the shelf’ version to import and sell at a very small profit. The only way to know if their chosen lamp is for the gel manufacturer, wherever they are in the world to test for a proper cure. It may be that the time needed is longer than expected, e.g. 60 secs and not 30 secs.

Some gels may have a high exothermic reaction, that is when it starts curing too quickly and gives the heat reaction too high for comfort. This then needs the lamp to have a lower energy to start with but climbing to full energy in a short time space. These are often called a ‘cool’ cure. The same effect can be achieved by placing the fingers in the glow of the UV outside the lamp for a few seconds and then going inside the lamp for a full cure. The effect is the same.

To conclude, asking for the wavelength will not help you. Use a brand that is established and trusted and you can be sure you will have the correct lamp and not be charged over what it is worth.

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