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Understand UV Gel thickness in nail applications

UV Gel Thickness: Key Insights for Optimal UV Gel Application


Every day is a school day which offers a new learning opportunity, and that’s how it should be! never stop learning. I consider that I know and understand quite a bit about UV gels but I learned something new the other day about UV gel thickness.

In our short course about UV gel we explain how if the gel coating is too thick it can cause over curing (heat spikes) and heavily pigmented can block the UV and cause under curing, but what I’d didn’t know is that a thick coat can also cause the lower part of the coating to be under cured as the UV cannot penetrate that deep.

The Critical Role of UV Gel Thickness in Application Safety and Efficacy

Instructions have always been to apply thin coats for the following reasons:

  1. over curing where the clients nail bed can be burned
  2. under curing if pigments are in the gel
  3. and now, lower levels will not be cured which can lead to leaching during wear or removal.

If you think you know a lot about UV gels then test your knowledge against the insights shared in Doug Schoon’s latest articles, delve into his new e-book on UV Gels, and challenge yourself with our quizzes to earn a digital badge.

I bet you’ll learn something new!!

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Embracing Continuous Learning in UV Gel Application: A Journey of Mastery and Safety

The journey of mastering UV gel application is an ongoing process of learning and discovery, even for those well-versed in nail care. The revelation about the significance of UV gel thickness underscores the importance of continuous education in our field. It’s not just about adhering to the basics; it’s about delving deeper into the nuances that can make or break the safety and effectiveness of our nail treatments. This insight serves as a reminder to embrace every learning opportunity and to approach our craft with both curiosity and caution.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding nail technician, there’s always more to uncover, more to understand, and more to perfect. Let’s commit to refining our skills, staying informed through resources like Doug Schoon’s work, and elevating the standard of care we provide to our clients, one thin, meticulously applied coat at a time.

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