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wanna be a teacher

Wanna Be A Teacher?


There are good teachers. There are GREAT teachers. Then there are the ‘teachers’ that are in it for the money and not the passion!! Do you wanna be a teacher?

Many teachers are just ‘born’! Many others can learn the skill (and believe me, a teaching skill is a whole different world from being a good nail professional). 

Central to ‘teaching’ is the desire to SHARE!!! It is NOT about keeping your own secrets. If any of your students become more successful than you, then it is the greatest accolade!

Here in the UK, many circumstances required to become a ‘teacher’ are the regulated AET (Award in Education and Training). This is really not enough. It just ‘prepares’ an individual to teach and NOT actually ‘teach’.

But, dare I say, typical of the nail sector, it is the lowest that ‘could’ be called a teacher, but it isn’t!!

In any country in the world, there are great nail pros! In any country in the world, there are great teachers. One does not make the other!

Teaching is a different skill from ‘nails’. There is a psychology to teaching as every individual has a different learning style. In a class of just  3 people, each of those 3 will have a different way of learning. Multiply that to 10 or 15 or 200, if you want to teach then you need to understand psychology.

If you don’t, then you are letting down 80%+ of your students. They will learn very little (and blame you! when they discover what they don’t know!).

If you want to teach then learn how to!! Take an acceptable course but plan to go to a Diploma level at least. If you don’t, then question if you’re selling your students short.

Teachers are the foundation of this sector and it is patently obvious that there are too many ‘teachers’ who are “in it for the money”. No professional ethics!

You may be one of the few that are ‘born to it’. If you are, then your students will love you and stick with you. That is because you have shared your ‘secrets’ and set them on the right path to their own success.

If you are not ‘born to it’ (nothing wrong with that. We all need to learn!) then get qualified and understand what teaching really means!

Do not bring the foundation of this sector to a crumbling problem!

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