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Should i remove another nail pro's work

Should I Remove?


This is a question that often crops up: “Should I remove another nail pro’s work?”

The answer is “of course you should!”.

Whether you are a natural nail specialist or a ‘full service’ nail pro, you should have enough knowledge to remove any type of nail coating or enhancement.

Firstly, this is a potential new client, and, unless your books are closed, who can afford to turn away business?

Secondly, this is by far preferable to maintaining another’s work. This is especially relevant if you can’t see the health of the natural nail. Also, different product brands can have different degrees of flexibility. If they are too different they can work against each other and cause lifting.

This is an important aspect of nail services and one which worries so many. It really shouldn’t (even if you are faced with the dreaded MMA). Plus you should always charge for the service.

Booking in a new client should always involve some questioning such as are they already wearing a coating. If so, do they know what it is? If you suspect MMA, which will take a long time to remove, suggest they pop in to see you. One look at the nails should tell you if it’s MMA, so that will need about 1 hr of removal. Charge for it! 

This is such an important service the new National Occupational Standards has a new Unit for it! Here it is if you want to see what it covers:–SKANT9.pdf#search=Remove%20nails

No one should be scared of removal. Just understand the science and gain a new (and very impressed) client who will appreciate your skills and understanding!

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