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Ombre Nails Design

What is an Ombre Nail Design?


Blending Colors for a Two/Three Tone Effect

An ombre nail design, that is where 2 or more colours are blended together to give a two/three tone effect is very popular both with clients and nail pros.

However, try to use colours from the same brand and not from different brands.

This is very tempting if you use more then one brand and the exact colour combos you want are in different ranges.

The Safest Method for Blending Different Brands of Nail Polish

If you do use different brands for your ombre the safest way is to cure the coating with both lamps that match both brands. You will not overcure one but both need to be properly cured.

You may feel like they are both cured as they will feel hard probably but one of them will not be properly cured.

Don’t trust to luck or take chances! Use the same brand or cure with all matched lamps.

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