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2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”

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the 3 free myth about nail products

The 3-Free Myth

We’ve all heard the misleading claims that nail polish is harmful unless it’s “3-Free”. The facts are that this was deception from the very beginning.  All nail polish can be used safely, and that’s been true for more than eighty years.

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UV Exposure at the nail salon

UV Exposure at the Nail Salon

Some customers (and a few nail pros) are still concerned about UV exposure at the nail salon. Wearing SPF 15 sunscreen works, but it can also be messy, and potentially cause lifting. So, what to do? As I have said

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LED Nail Lamps: how long do they last

LED Nail Lamps: How long do they last?

Most manufacturers say their LED bulbs are good for 30,000 hours. If true, a nail lamp that was on constantly for 40 hours a week would last 14 years.  This is NOT a realistic claim considering how nail pros are using

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what is a rubber base

What is A Rubber Base Coat?

I have recently written about ‘BIAB’ so nail pros have some understanding of what it actually is. Now I’m explaining a bit about the rubber base coat products that have become popular. Do you know what you use them for?

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the fno allergy survey

The Federation of Nail Professionals Allergy Survey

A large part of the nail sector is aware of the ‘allergy epidemic’ that we and our clients are suffering from. (Surprisingly, there are still many that are not aware of it). Acrylate-based nail coatings have been available and used

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wanna be a teacher

Wanna Be A Teacher?

There are good teachers. There are GREAT teachers. Then there are the ‘teachers’ that are in it for the money and not the passion!! Do you wanna be a teacher? Many teachers are just ‘born’! Many others can learn the

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