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Mixing nail brands and products

Mixing Different Nail Brands or Products


Where’s the Evidence for Safe Mixing of Nail Coating Products?

Lately a lot of nail techs are mixing different nail brands; using one brand of color and another brand of top UV gel. Many say “there is no proof that it’s dangerous” and the products are hardened.  So why can’t we blend them?

Actually, it is the opposite. I would say to those who claim they “can mix nail coating products”, where is the proof that this is safe? How do they know this is true? What do they base their information on? Most likely, their beliefs are based on a lack of understanding about how these products work.  Or just on their wishful thinking. There is plenty of proof that these products can cause skin allergies when used improperly. So, for these people to say there is no proof, simply shows they don’t know what they are talking about.  

Decades of Research on Mixing Nail Brands

I’m a scientist who has researched this question for more than 25 years, my opinions are based on scientific testing and fact-based information. There is absolutely no doubt that mixing products as you’ve described can lead to skin irritation and permanent allergic reactions and this happens all the time!

Recognized Globally: Government Acknowledgment and Independent Validation

This has been recognized by several government and safety related authorities in several different countries. I don’t sell any nail products or nail lamps, so why would I say this if I didn’t believe these are the facts? What some don’t understand is that each of these product layers would have to be properly cured and this requires exposure to the:

The Vital Triad for Achieving a Proper Cure

All three MUST be correct to ensure a proper cure. There is no other way to ensure a proper cure, and each layer must be properly cured.  In other words, each layer would need to be properly cured using the UV nail lamp that was designed to cure the product.  A different nail lamp for each layer?  That is NOT likely to happen.  What these techs don’t understand is that UV gels will harden when they are only 50% cured and may only reach 60-70% cure over the next few weeks. 

A Hazard for Both Nail Techs and Clients

When the under cured layer is later filed, both the nail tech and client are exposed to under cured dusts and this can lead to skin irritation and allergies. Many private labelers of UV gels only sell the products and don’t understand the science behind these products. That is why some don’t understand or teach this information correctly. The biggest risk of developing adverse skin reactions is to nail technicians since they are exposed daily to these under cured nail coating dust.

My Firsthand Exploration of Curing with Diverse Nail Lamps

I have personally tested the curing of various products under different types of nail lamps. I can tell you that it would not be uncommon for a nail tech to only cure a UV gel to 70%, in fact, it is far too common. Nail techs who expose themselves to these conditions often develop skin allergies. For some it may require six months of prolonged and/or repeated skin contact and for others it may take 10 years of exposure. Sadly, once you are allergic… you will be allergic to those ingredients for the rest of your life.

Cry for Help: Desperate Appeals from Nail Techs

I get e-mails from nail techs who are desperate to save their careers and want to know what they can do to stop their skin from overreacting to the products. The facts are, sooner or later many nail techs and/or clients will develop permanent allergic reactions because of improper cure. I hear from many of the nail techs to which this has happened. They’re usually very embarrassed and usually don’t want me to use their names on social media.  Sometimes they don’t want other nail techs to know about their issues because they are leading nail educators who improperly cured and mixed products for years, and now they have skin allergies that worsen with each exposure.

Nail Technicians Forced Out Due to Allergies

Many nail technicians are forced to get out of the nail industry and can no longer work with nail products. Here’s a hint: Take a look at the hands of some veteran nail trainers who teach these risky methods and you’ll find many have product sensitivities, which is not a coincidence.  Don’t copy their bad habits or repeat their same mistakes.

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