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Nails changing colour

My Nails have changed colour?

How many times have you received a message from a client complaining that their nails have changed colour or become stained??

Lots I expect!

Why is this?

The most common causes of nails changing colour are:

  • dye from fabrics (new clothes that haven’t been washed often yet can easily stain the tips of nails that have a coating
  • tanning solutions, either during application or wearing can stain coatings
  • cleaning products
  • hair colour
  • Smoking (nicotine)

All these things can be culprits of the edge of nails or the whole coating for changing colour.

There are a couple of pigments that are unstable (especially pinks) that change from exposure to sunlight.

A good topcoat and capping the edge can help prevent this from happening.

Are your coatings properly cured

BUT!!!!! It’s only coatings that are porous that can be susceptible to this so do consider the possibility that your coatings are not properly cured!!

Undercured coatings are very porous so this could be the cause! Your UV lamp could be getting old or maybe even it’s a mismatched one. This blog goes some way to expain what to look for with your lamp.

Is Your UV Lamp Working Properly

Preventing nails from changing colour is avoidable

It is annoying for everyone when this happens, but it is mostly avoidable

A buff-off (rather than soak-off) topcoat can help as the nature of it is less porous and could act as a shield.

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