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To Panic or Not to Panic

Nail Conditions: To Panic or Not to Panic?


What a time we are living in!!! So many nail conditions are being reported and shared; so many allergy symptoms that have, up until now, been a mystery; so many conditions due to recovering from the dreaded ‘C’ word! What do we do? To panic or not to panic??

This situation seems to have brought about a general ‘panic’ with anything other than a completely healthy and smooth nail plate! Unfortunately, due to the painful lack of good education in so many instances, so many perfectly ‘normal’ nail conditions are appearing with the question “what is this?”

With good education and understanding, there are many, many nail conditions that are no problem and nothing ‘sinister’. Some may need a bit of an amendment to the service/treatment but are perfectly safe to continue with what the client requires. 

To be a true nail professional, you need to recognize the whole range of ‘usual’ nail conditions, and not be panicked by them. Then you need to recognize (NOT diagnose) those that are a problem that may need a ‘refusal/refer’ decision.

The answer to this is to learn about the various nail conditions. Information from the client is essential! Putting a picture on a Social Media forum asking for advice is not usually helpful without background information. 

There may be a condition that a client has had for years and it hasn’t changed. OR there may be one that had recently appeared and is indicative of a health issue. 

Asking for help on Social Media really isn’t the answer, as you will never know if the answers come from someone who actually knows the answer! 

Your own education is key! Your own due diligence is also key! 

Don’t take the easy way out on Social Media. You may not be advised correctly.

Instead, increase your learning!

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