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Choosing the right Nail Oil


Think about it. Our hands work hard. We spend lots of hard-earned cash on facial skincare but seem to neglect our hands which we constantly exposed to sunlight, cold wind, and washing-up water, at the very least.

Skin around the nails become dry and our nails become brittle and split. Fortunately, this is easy to remedy. Use a nail oil!

Oils are easily absorbed into the skin which provides a healthy environment for the nails to grow on. They will restore and protect against future damage and can ward of nasty fungal infections. But which one to choose?

Choose a thin oil-based product. Every oil has different benefits so you can tailor make a treatment to match your needs.

Jojoba Oil – A hero to our nails with molecules that are the right shape to penetrate some way into the nail plate. Containing high levels of vitamin E and B can also help repair the collagen in our skin and offers deep hydration. It absorbs easily too and will result in strong, healthy, moisturised nails and cuticles.

Avocado oil – like jojoba, this natural oil is able to penetrate the upper layers of the nail plate to help provide lubrication between the layers and help prevent brittleness and dryness.

Squalene – alongside the two oils above, this is a very good oil for both nails and skin. Make sure to use the vegetable derived version.

Almond Oil – Packed with nutrients like vitamins E, A and B plus Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, this is a readily available product to help prevent dry skin.

These oils all work wonders on their own but you can give them a real boost by adding a few drops of essential oils. Before using essential oils, be sure you are not sensitive to them and avoid them if you are pregnant. There are many different essential oils on the market but it is best to go for a natural, organic oil rather than a synthetically produced one. The results will be far better.

Once again, each essential oil has different properties and benefits. A lot depends on personal preference but here are a few to consider.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – A natural anti-fungal treatment and has great deodorising properties meaning it is great for the feet too! It will heal and protect your nails. Some do have a sensitivity to it so do not use it if you have allergies to some chemicals. (Tea Tree can be an irritant so don’t apply undiluted oil directly to the skin)

Lavender Essential Oil – As well as smelling divine, this relaxing oil also promotes the healing of skin. Great if you need to soothe sore skin. Avoid if pregnant.

Clove Essential Oil – This oil calms the skin and is also an antiseptic. Great for warts too!

Lemon Essential Oil – The zingy scent will give you a lift and your nails will thank you for the antiseptic and skin toning effects. It will boost your circulation and brighten your nails too.

These are just a few of the many oils available. There are lots of nail balms and oils on the market that contain blends of these nourishing ingredients and now you know which oils are effective, it is easy to make your own at home. Just be sure to check the safety tips and dilution advice for any essential oils you may want to try.

Your nails will soon be strong and healthy and ready to get to work but they would still thank you for a pair of Marigold gloves to tackle the washing up!

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