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The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (Habia)is the Government recognised Standard Setting Body (SSB) for Hairdressing, Barbering, Beauty Therapy, Nails, Aesthetics, Wellbeing and Holistic Therapy. For more than thirty years they have been developing National Occupational Standards (NOS), these standards reflect the specific job role and form the basis of competency-based qualifications across the UK.  Habia’s focus is –

  • Standards
  • Education
  • Excellence
  • Careers

Habia honours great professionals, fantastic treatments, and amazing products.

They believe people with passion, working together, can change the sector for the better.

Habia Endorsement: Setting Quality Standards in Education

The Habia logo stands as a symbol of enduring excellence and professionalism. It is widely acknowledged as a hallmark of high-quality standards. For training providers, Habia recognition goes beyond mere distinction; it assures learners that their education aligns with the latest UK Standards.

The Habia Endorsement logo signifies a commitment to quality. It is exclusively granted to organisations that have undergone rigorous assessment and proven their dedication to delivering top-notch training. Recognisable across the industry, this mark serves as a trusted beacon for professionals and learners seeking superior educational opportunities.

We encourage everyone to conduct thorough research and make informed decisions when choosing their training providers. To explore the list of Habia endorsed providers, visit their Learning Hub.

Habia Membership; Connecting Education and Excellence

Habia Membership offers a unique opportunity to become part of an exclusive network comprising individuals deeply engaged in the hair and beauty sector, all sharing a keen interest in standards, education, and training. This community focuses on vital topics and facilitates the exchange of information and best practices, making it an invaluable resource for those committed to upholding high standards and achieving excellence.

As a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive events, including ‘Education Forums’ designed to provide valuable insights (by invitation only for Education Members). Additionally, ‘Skills Showcases’ bring together businesses and educators, fostering collaboration to enhance the quality of education and better equip learners to meet sector demands.

To become a part of the Habia community and learn more, simply follow this link: Habia Membership

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