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Guest Expert Learning

NailKnowledge are pleased to welcome experts as guests to our website.​​

We wanted to ensure our training content was up-to-date, full of the latest science and information, and authored by leading experts, highly respected in their fields. Each will add curated content to assist with more knowledge and understanding to enhance the whole of Nail Knowledge

Subject Matter Experts

NailKnowledge’s Essential Nail Professional Diploma has been authored by our three highly respected experts, Marian Newman, Doug Shoon and Vitaly Solomanoff – each Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields.

The Authority on Nails

Marian Newman is widely regarded as a global authority on Nails and the Nail Industry. Author of The Complete Nail Technician which has guided nail technician education for the last 2 decades. She is also Chair of The Federation of Nail Professionals.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Each of our experts has deep industry knowledge and expertise, which has guided the content selected for the Essential Nail Professional Diploma to ensure it fits in with current brand training and the needs of the Industry as a whole.  

Meet Our Guest Experts

These experts are knowledgeable and skilled in their specific fields and we will add more over time.

Kelly Melanitou
(International Educator and Coach)

kelly melanitou

Dani Bailey
(Award Winning Nail Professional)

Dani Bailey Award Winning Nail Professional

Further explore our Training Ethos

Easy to Understand

We have designed our NailKnowledge courses to be accessible for everyone, with animated and highly visual lessons to help you understand. 

Flexible Learning

We know how busy life is, and the difficulty of finding the time to focus on learning resources, so we have also designed our resources to be consumed when and where is best for you.​

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