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2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”


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Should i remove another nail pro's work

Should I Remove?

This is a question that often crops up: “Should I remove another nail pro’s work?” The answer is “of course you should!”. Whether you are a natural nail specialist or a ‘full service’ nail pro, you should have enough knowledge

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Are you qualified

Are You Qualified?

Are you Qualified? What a Massive Divide! It doesn’t matter what country you are in, we have a problem! Here in the UK, our problem is understanding the difference between a true ‘qualification’ and a training course that should be

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water vs waterless manicures

Water vs Waterless Manicures

When it comes to preparing nails before applying a coating, a very common debate is water vs waterless manicures. There is no shortage of opinions about this topic, but there is a shortage of facts and proper understanding. I believe

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To Panic or Not to Panic

Nail Conditions: To Panic or Not to Panic?

What a time we are living in!!! So many nail conditions are being reported and shared; so many allergy symptoms that have, up until now, been a mystery; so many conditions due to recovering from the dreaded ‘C’ word! What

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Who is actually in charge

Who Is Actually in Charge?

If you are reading this, I hope you are an educated and informed nail professional. Your clients come to you because you are that person. They put their trust in you to provide a safe and efficient service and give

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UV nail lamps are safe

UV Nail Lamps ARE Safe!

Yes, absolutely! UV Nail Lamps ARE safe! Several high-quality scientific studies performed by world-leading experts have demonstrated that UV nail lamps are safe. Unfortunately, some did not get the word. Unfortunately, most of the information that the media has released

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