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Dont use a builder between salon visits

Don’t Use a Builder to Just Lengthen Time Between Salon Visits!


In the realm of nail treatments, the builder is often subject to misconceptions. Clients mistakenly view it as a means to prolong the lifespan of UV gel polish (UVGP), aiming to reduce salon visits. However, it’s crucial to comprehend that this is not the builder’s primary purpose. This article explores the true essence of the builder, its proper utilization, and the importance of regular nail checks. Gain insights into harnessing the builder’s potential for nail treatments and maintaining optimal nail health.

What is a Builder?

Before we discuss the common misconception surrounding builders, let’s establish a clear definition. In the realm of nail treatments, a builder refers to a specific type of gel or acrylic product used to enhance the strength and structure of the natural nail. Builders are designed for nails that require additional reinforcement, especially when they have a length of free edge. Unlike regular UV gel polish, which provides color and shine, a builder is slightly more viscous and less flowing. It can be used to create aesthetically pleasing nail shapes, such as a flat or ski jump, and even a fan nail. The application allows the nail professional to not only provide strength but also shape the nails beautifully.

Common Misconception: Using a Builder to Extend the Lifespan of UV Gel Polish

One of the most prevalent misconceptions among clients is the belief that using a builder can prolong the lifespan of their UV gel polish. They assume that this will help the UVGP last longer, thus reducing the need for frequent salon visits. However, it is crucial to debunk this myth and educate clients on the proper use of a builder. Regardless of whether a client requests it, all nails should be checked every 2-3 weeks. This regular maintenance is necessary to safeguard the health of the nail plate and nail bed, as various issues can arise within that timeframe.

Importance of Regular Nail Checks

Regular nail checks play a vital role in maintaining healthy nails, regardless of whether the coating has endured or not. During the span of 2-3 weeks, nails can undergo significant changes that may compromise their overall health. Issues such as chipping, lifting, or bacterial growth can occur, and only a thorough nail check can identify these problems early on. Neglecting regular checks and relying solely on the longevity of UVGP can lead to potential nail damage, infections, and prolonged recovery periods.

When Should a Builder Be Used?

Understanding the appropriate situations for using a builder is key to providing optimal nail care. Builders are best suited for nails that are slightly weak and require extra strength, particularly those with a length of free edge. The additional reinforcement offered ensures that the nails remain strong and resistant to breakage. Nail professionals should assess each client’s nails individually and recommend the use of a builder when necessary. By incorporating a builder into the treatment, nail technicians can address weak nails effectively and help clients achieve both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Enhancing Aesthetics with a Builder

Apart from providing structural support, a builder can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of nails. Nail technicians have the opportunity to shape and mold the nails, creating curves and contours that are visually pleasing. Whether it’s a flat nail, a ski jump shape, or a fan nail, a builder can be skillfully applied to achieve these desired shapes. By utilizing a builder, nail professionals can showcase their expertise and provide clients with stunning nail designs that complement their style.

Educating Clients on the Proper Use of a Builder

As a nail professional, it is essential to educate clients about the purpose and correct application of this product. Many clients may request a builder to extend the lifespan of their UVGP, unaware of its intended use. By taking the time to explain the role of this product in reinforcing weak nails and enhancing aesthetics, nail technicians can empower clients with knowledge. Clients need to understand that the builder should be utilized based on the professional’s expertise, not solely on their personal preference or assumptions.

Alternative Approach: Using a Clear Builder

In certain cases, a nail technician can opt for an alternative approach. Instead of removing the colored coating completely during maintenance, they can use a clear builder. By removing the colored layer and infilling the clear builder, nail professionals can efficiently perform nail checks and ensure the structural integrity of the nails. This approach minimizes the need for repetitive application and removal of UVGP while still maintaining the health and strength of the nails.

Maximizing Product Potential

In the realm of nail treatments, professionals have access to a wide array of products designed for specific purposes. It is crucial to utilize these products wisely and understand their individual applications. While a builder serves the purpose of reinforcing weak nails, other products cater to different aspects of nail care. By expanding their knowledge and skillset, nail technicians can effectively address various nail concerns and deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients.


In conclusion, understanding the purpose and proper use of a builder in nail treatments is essential for both nail professionals and clients. Using a builder solely to extend the lifespan of UV gel polish is a common misconception that needs to be clarified. Nail checks every 2-3 weeks are crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues, irrespective of the

coating’s durability. Builders should be applied when nails require extra strength or shape enhancement, and their use should be based on the professional’s expertise. By educating clients about the role of a builder and using it correctly, nail technicians can prioritize nail health and provide aesthetically pleasing results.


1. Can a builder be used for all nail types?

   – Builders are specifically designed for nails that require additional strength, particularly those with a length of free edge. Not all nail types may benefit from the use of a builder, so it’s important to assess each client’s nails individually.

2. How often should a nail check be performed?

   – Nail checks should be conducted every 2-3 weeks, regardless of whether the coating has lasted or not. This regular maintenance allows for early detection of potential issues and ensures the overall health of the nails.

3. Can a builder replace regular UV gel polish maintenance?

   – No, it should not replace regular maintenance for UV gel polish. While a builder provides strength and shape enhancement, UV gel polish requires its own maintenance routine to maintain color, shine, and overall appearance.

4. What if a client insists on using a builder incorrectly?

   – As a nail professional, it is important to explain the purpose and proper use of a builder to clients. If a client insists on using it improperly, it is crucial to prioritize their nail health and provide the necessary guidance to ensure proper application.

5. Are there any risks associated with using a builder?

   – When used correctly and by a trained professional, the risks associated with using a builder are minimal. However, improper application or overuse can potentially lead to nail damage or weakening. It is crucial to follow best practices and guidelines to minimize any risks involved.

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