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Enhancements to UV gel polish

From Enhancements to UV Gel Polish


Sometimes a client wants to switch from enhancements to UV gel polish manicures. But some nail professionals feel like their clients’ nails look weak and fragile after an enhancement removal that they fear removal altogether! So they grow out enhancements by gradually thinning the existing product and applying the UV manicure service. But then they get chipping and flaking! What should they do?

There is no need to remove an enhancement that’s in good shape. Generally, it is successful in filling in the areas of new growth with the new nail coating product. Of course, if the enhancement is experiencing any substantial amounts of service breakdown, I’d recommend removing it and starting fresh with a new coating. UV gel manicure nail coatings are very different. They are often designed for complete removal on a regular basis, e.g. twice per month.  For this reason, to go from enhancements to UV gel polish, I believe removing the nail enhancement coating is best before applying a UV gel manicure product.  However, the more important question is: Why are your client’s nails weak and fragile after removal? 

This should not occur unless the client’s nails were over-filed during the application, or the nail enhancement is removed improperly. Simply wearing a nail coating doesn’t damage the nail.  That is a big myth. Nail damage is most often a result of improper application and/or improper removal: not simply from wearing enhancements. Remember, artificial nail coatings are “enhancements” not replacements for the nail plate. Always perform your services in a manner that protects the condition and health of the nail plate. In other words, respect the nail plate. No type of nail coating should ever compromise the nail plate’s strength, condition, and health. When properly applied and removed, any damage should be minimal to non-existent.  

If the nail plate shows thinning after removal, that thinning is a result of the nail file, not the enhancement or UV gel manicure product. Some are fooled because, while wearing an artificial nail coating, the water content of the natural nail plate can increase from 15% to 25%. When they remove the nail enhancements, this extra 10% of water will dramatically increase the flexibility of the nail plate. By the next day, the moisture content will return to normal and so will the nail’s flexibility. Some nail professionals and clients will misinterpret this extra flexibility as a “weakness”. The nail isn’t any weaker, just temporarily more flexible. Even so, if you determine that the client’s nails are too weak or fragile for nail services, you should discontinue any nail service that may further thin or weaken the nail plate.

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