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Nail health check

Nail Health Check


The most popular nail services these days use opaque nail coatings (e.g. UV gel polish and opaque builders). This means that you cannot see the nail plate without removing the coating. But a nail health check is imperative!

If you have had experience or been following the stories of client allergies, you’ll know that a reaction can appear within days, not weeks. 

Now, if an allergic reaction does take hold, you need to remove the coating immediately:

  • To allow the nails to start healing
  • To remove the allergen asap

An allergic reaction can start slowly, with minimal symptoms, but it can also be extreme with symptoms, such as severe onycholysis on all nails, hyperkeratosis, and splinter hemorrhages. removing coatings from this type of effect is quite shocking and horrifying for both client and nail pro.

Now, as a side ‘story’ that is very relevant to understand, for every coating you put on a natural nail, there will be a compromise you need to make. This is one of the many reasons oil is a non-negotiable daily.

Everyone knows and accepts that, if you bleach your hair, it will need extra care after, forever. You can use a washing-up liquid as shampoo and fabric softener as a conditioner. It will do the job but not as effectively as the real products. Why does just about everyone think that you can do what you like with nails, and they do not understand about the compromises?

If clients want the benefits of nail coatings, they need to play their part in taking care of them. And so do nail pros!!!!

If you are concerned about the use of acetone for soaking so regularly:

  1. Acetone is not an allergen but it may be an irritant. Its drying effect is temporary as the skin is producing natural oils all the time so will be replaced in minutes. OR, coat the skin with oil before the soak if clients don’t like the drying effect.
  2. Buff off. Whether it is hand buffing or an e-file removal, the action does disturb the physical attachment of the nail plate onto the nail bed. ‘Gentle’ is the key word. Apart from thinning the nail plate, harsh buffing can cause the physical bond to ‘pop’.

Checking nail health is really essential. So, is there a solution to removal every 2-3 weeks? Yes, of course there is!

Apply a clear layer first. Then apply any of the opaque options. This means that only the opaque coating needs to be removed without going near the nail plate. (A situation where an e-file would be invaluable)

Do not compromise on your nail health check but understand that other compromises need to be made for clever and intelligent nail services.

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