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Home Dipping Systems for Home use

Home Dipping Systems for Home Use


Many brands are popping up with dipping systems for home use! What can you say to clients who are thinking of buying one instead of salon nail services?

The Dip system is popular in the US and due to this something called ‘dip flu’ has been identified as a real issue.

This is about the vapours from the cyanoacrylate adhesive that is used instead of a UV gel system. This glue is used in the nail sector for sticking tips on. It can be dangerous as, if you spill some on your leg and you’re wearing jeans, for example, it creates an intense heat and can seriously burn the skin under the fabric.

Also, the powder being used is most likely to be the powder used in an L&P system and not powder specifically manufactured for this. Powders for L&P have benzoyl peroxide in them and this is a known irritant and can cause painful skin irritations.

It is easy to do at home and many who try it will be tempted to use it on friends and relations. But they won’t understand the hygiene hazards of several people dipping into the same pot of powder.

All of these issues are the same for a professional using this system, but they should all be covered in training if it is a good course!

Explain this to your clients and try to discourage them from trying this DIY product. Warn them of the dangers and also include that, whatever the marketing states, it takes quite a while to remove with acetone so many will resort to picking it off which will damage their nails for a long time.

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