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Can you mix liquid from one system with powder from another?

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Mixing liquid and powder from different systems


When encapsulating a design using an acrylic nail system (L&P) can you mix the liquid from one system with a powder from a different system? The base & structure would be created using the same l&p from the same system but the sandwiched design wouldn’t. I’ve seen this promoted online and wondered if it was safe seeing as though there is no universal monomer or powder.


It is always safer to use the liquid and the powder from the same system, even for something small like the design you will encapsulate. Even though it is not as important as when you are creating your enhancement structure, you still want to have a proper cure. If you don’t, then you may end up with active ingredients that are there waiting for you to file the product off during a rebalance, so that they are released in the filing dust, getting on your client’s and your own skin.

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