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Can you Mix Hema and Hema-Free Products?

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I recently came across a brand that offers both HEMA and HEMA-free products. When I enquired about soak off base and top that has been formulated for the soak off colour collection containing HEMA I was told that I can use all bases and tops from their store interchangeably. From a chemistry point of view, is it ok to mix HEMA and HEMA-free products of one system such as base, color and top?


If you are talking to a known and trusted brand then what they tell you should mean that they have tested all the options and it is safe. However, this depends on whether they have done good independent testing for a proper cure.

Unfortunately, there are many brands that buy direct from China, have no R&D chemist, and do not bother with proper testing. These are what you have to be wary of.

I hope this helps. My suggestion is don’t try to be a chemist. listen to the trusted manufacturers.

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