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Are gel nail extensions better than acrylic?

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Are gel nail extensions better than acrylic?


In the NSS salon, they do gel nail extensions. Apparently, this powder is lighter & better quality than Acrylic powder. Also, it feels lighter than Acrylic nail extensions. What is this powder, please? I can’t seem to find where it is sold. I can’t understand how it feels lighter on the nails.


This is more to do with different countries’ terminology than anything.

NSS salons don’t buy from our mainstream suppliers. They have their own suppliers. There is a brand that calls their L&Pgel nails” and “Solar Nails”. This isn’t an accurate description but, when mixing a monomer with a polymer powder, it does actually create a ‘gel’ before it properly polymerizes. So it isn’t totally wrong.

I do not believe the powder for these gel nail extensions is any different nor ‘lighter’ as the system needs the powder to carry certain other ingredients for it to work. One of the issues with some of these products is that they have MMA (methylmethacrylate) rather than EMA (ethyl methacrylate) as the monomer. This isn’t more dangerous but it is inappropriate to use as it is too hard and rigid. It also needs a virtually shredded nail plate to adhere to rather than a chemical adhesion.

I hope this clears it up a little.
By the way, MMA is not banned in the UK.

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