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Is it safe to apply a coating over Onycholysis?

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Is it safe to apply coating on Onycholysis


I have seen lots of clients coming into the salon and having Onycholysis on their nails or toenails due to trauma recently. I tried to explain the risk of having nail coating over but it seems like only 30% of them would understand the problem. Others said, “it has been like that for years and it never got better. I am giving you permission to do them”. What would be the best way to explain to clients that it is unsafe to do so, so that our conversation doesn’t turn into an argument.


I find it hard to believe it has been there for years! It just doesn’t work like that and they obviously never use oil.

However, I would explain something like this:-

The nail needs a full attachment to be strong. A partial attachment makes it weak. It may not feel heavy but a UV gel polish will be too much weight for the nail and the tiniest accident could rip the nail off the nail bed so it’s not worth the risk as it will take months to grow back. Use oil daily and it will reattach.

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