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Does freeze curing interrupt the curing process?

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does freeze curing interrupt the curing process

Question: I use a freeze curing technique with the white UV gel. I’m removing the nail from the lamp after 30 seconds, exposing the white gel just long enough to solidify at the free edge. Then I apply clear product to the rest of the nail, and place the hand back into the UV lamp for the remaining time.  Does it interrupt the curing process when hands are removed from the UV lamps?

Answer: If these are the instruction provided by the manufacturer of the UV gel, then perform this technique exactly as directed.  If it is contrary to the instructions, then I recommend asking the manufacturer if this technique is acceptable. That’s how to ensure there are no unintended or unforeseen consequences. The product manufacturer is responsible to tell you how to use their product correctly and safely. 

From a chemical point of view, when the hands are removed from under the UV source, the curing process crawls to a very slow rate but doesn’t stop. Curing will continue at a very slow rate for weeks, even without additional UV exposure. That’s why some UV gels become brittle over time, they eventually become over-cured.  UV gels never really “completely” stop reacting, and eventually can become brittle or begin to discolor because of these continuing reactions. Formulas that resist discoloration and brittleness are usually of higher quality, meaning they are well-formulated and carefully manufactured.  A properly formulated UV gel enhancement resists becoming brittle or discolored for at least 16 weeks. That’s how long it takes the nail plate to completely grow past the free edge.  By then, all nail coating material has grown over the free edge, and has been removed. 

The good news is, when the hands are placed back under the UV source, the chemical reactions resume at the normal rate and the nail coating will eventually cure properly. Removing the hands temporarily does not negatively impact the cure, just as long as you cure each thin layer of applied UV gel, as directed and for the proper length of time in the correct UV lamp.

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