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Do pigments in gel polish alone explain why nail professionals apply it thinly compared to builder gel?

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Nail professionals are taught to apply builder gel in thicker layers compared to gel polish, which is applied thinly.
Is this disparity in application thickness due solely to the pigments added to gel polish? If so, why aren’t more photoinitiators added to ensure a complete cure?

Understanding Application Thickness: Builder Gel vs. Gel Polish

The difference in application thickness between builder gel and gel polish is not solely due to the pigments added to gel polish. While pigments do contribute to the viscosity and opacity of gel polish, the main reason for the difference in application thickness lies in the formulation and intended use of each product.

Builder gel is designed to create structure and strength on the nail, making it suitable for building extensions, adding thickness, or repairing damaged nails. Therefore, it is typically applied in thicker layers to achieve the desired level of strength and durability. Thicker application allows for better control and manipulation of the gel to sculpt and shape the nail.

On the other hand, gel polish is formulated for aesthetic purposes, providing color, shine, and durability to natural or artificial nails. It is intended to be applied thinly, similar to traditional nail polish, to ensure smooth and even coverage without excess bulk. Thinner application also facilitates faster curing and reduces the risk of wrinkling or uneven drying.

While adding more photoinitiators to gel polish may help ensure a complete cure, there are limitations to how much can be added without affecting the product’s performance or consistency. Additionally, increasing the amount of photoinitiators may not necessarily address the issue of curing thickness, as thicker layers still require more time and energy to penetrate and cure completely.

Ultimately, the recommended application thickness for builder gel and gel polish is based on their respective formulations, intended uses, and desired outcomes. Nail professionals are trained to apply each product according to manufacturer guidelines and best practices to achieve optimal results.

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