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UV light cabinets for nails files?

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UV light cabinets for nail files

Question: Hi, I’m moving from employed to self-employed. Then salon I worked in used single-use files and buffers and would throw them away. This isn’t very cost-efficient or great for the environment. Do the UV light cabinets sterilize files or just metal tools? Or can files only be sterilized in an autoclave?

Answer: There are several points to answer here:

– UV light cabinets do not sterilize anything. They only provide a clean environment to keep tools in.

– Autoclaves and hot-air sterilizers are the only equipment that actually sterilizes. Everything else disinfects (which is fine for a salon, unless any body fluids like blood have been in contact with tools).
Files cannot go into either of these, just metal tools.

– It is possible to use ‘submersible’ files which, after they have been cleaned with a brush, soap, and running water, can be put in a high-grade disinfectant.

– Many prefer to use a file, usually metal, that has peel-off strips that can be discarded after use.

– The cost of any product, tools, equipment, disposables, etc should be built into the service fees.

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