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Nail Art Paints

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freehand nail art with nail art paints

Hand painting is a popular technique for those that are good at free-hand art. It can be created on nails with water-based or UV-cured nail art paints and, of course, with nail polish.

What are nail art paints?

Nail art paints can be used for ‘characters’, abstract art, holiday motifs, motifs, or ‘one-stroke’ designs. In fact, for just about anything! Depending on one’s skill level, the design can be very simple, all the way to very complicated. There are quite a few of nail artists who even recreate famous paintings on nails!

Water-based paints usually come in small bottles with a narrow nozzle, ready to use. Otherwise, they come in small tubes, but you have to dilute these with water in order to use.
UV-cured paints most often come in small pots.

If using water-based paints, make sure they are of cosmetic quality and NOT craft paints. These can react with products and solvents and can possibly create a skin irritant or allergen. Additionally, craft paints are often toxic, so they can potentially create more serious problems when they come in contact with nails or skin.

Any nail art paint you choose to use needs to be heavily pigmented so one layer will create the desired effect.

If using UV-cured nail art paints, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regards to curing, and avoid skin contact.

A good quality set of various-shaped and sizes brushes are key to the success of this technique. Depending on the medium, you will need either natural hair or synthetic bristles. Good quality brushes need good care! Keep them clean and always return them to their proper shape after use. 

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