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Splinter haemorrhages

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Splinter haemorrhage

What are splinter haemorrhages and what causes them?

Splinter haemorrhages appear like wood splinters under the nail and around the nail edges.

The condition begins in the blood vessels of the nail bed, along the ridges, and is caused by mechanical traumatisation, or by underlying diseases that involve blood vessels. This includes vasculitis, endocarditis, diabetes and Raynaud’s disease. Deep chronic onychomycosis can also be a cause, as can improper manicure or pedicure techniques due to the overfilling of the nail plate.

Who do they affect?

Anyone, especially those who suffer from systemic diseases.

How can we help?

Often, the condition doesn’t require any special treatment. In severe cases, clients should seek advice from a medical professional. Nail technicians must always follow safe and professional techniques and never over file the nail plate.

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