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Hyponychium growth

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hyponychium growth


I wonder… Why does the hyponychium seem to grow more when the nails are covered with a coating, like a gel for example?


Any artificial coating such as gels or acrylics, when professionally and properly performed, creates very special conditions for the entire nail unit. Firstly, the enhancement works as a strong protective layer. Ιt retains water loss and ensures a high level of moisturization, which in turn leads to improvement of almost all aspects of nail regeneration. Many clients note, for instance, that after the quality service, their nails grow faster, the nail plate gets stronger, etc. It is true for the hyponychium as well. Thus, the protected nails feel better, and they recover faster. 

Secondly, the elongation of the nail work as a lever. When we apply a force to the edge of the nail, the force is transmitted to the hyponychium and apex area. Thus, we get some constant peculiar massage of this zone. That is resulting in better micro circulation and, accordingly, better cell division here. The longer this lever (read: the free edge), the greater the force the hyponychial area experiences. But extremely intensive work of the lever can result in onycholysis with all its unpleasant consequences.

I should add that, basically, onycholysis is also the result of how a lever works due to improper balance in the creation of the artificial enhancement, the wrong architecture of the artificial nail, and the wrong apex placement.

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