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What is Onychocryptosis and what causes it?

Onychocryptosis is also known as ‘ingrown nail‘, is a painful condition where a portion of the nail (typically a toenail) grows into the soft tissues of the nail folds, damages them and causes severe inflammation. In many cases a secondary infection occurs when the skin barrier is injured. There are many factors which can cause ingrown nails such as genetics, shoes, sport activity, lack of hygiene and some internal systemic diseases. Often, one or two nail folds are involved in the inflammatory process. When the infection begins to spread over the soft tissues and surrounding skin, the nail bed can be involved too. It can be successfully treated and cured by medical professionals. There are many methods for the treatment of the condition; from surgery to bracing and even acrylic nail sculpting.

Who does it affect?

Anyone, but in most cases, young people.

How can Nail Technicians help?

Nail technicians can help by performing safe and hygienic treatments. In some cases, where inflammation is not present, acrylic sculpting can be very helpful if executed correctly, and if the Nail Technician is properly trained in working with the condition.

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