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Should I use a ‘protein bonder’ to prevent lifting?

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I see so many people on Facebook recommending a ‘protein bonder’ that is different from their brand systems.

Why is this? Usually because they are not getting the long-term adhesion they and their clients want. There is an answer to this!!

1. Any coating/ enhancement should NOT go longer than 3 weeks before a maintenance appointment! It is NOT clever that clients can hold on to their coatings/enhancements longer than this as so much can happen to the nail plate. We know there is an allergy epidemic plus any lifting can cause issues. Opaque coatings need regular removal to make sure the nail plate remains healthy.

2. Any quality brand will have worked on their adhesion! Follow their protocols. If it doesn’t work for you the maybe do a brand training or, at least, ask for help with troubleshooting.

3. Correct prep following a brands protocols will ensure adhesion. Remember everyone is different. Some clients need extra surface dehydration.

4. It is inadvisable to mix systems. Chemical bonds are key to making a brand work! These bonds (hydrogen and covalent bonds) are essential to make coatings work! A good quality brand will have carefully formulated each coat to work together.

5. Why do so many nail professionals want more than 3 weeks efficiency? This is NOT good for the health of the nail! DO NOT let your clients dictate to you! YOU are the professional!

6. Some bonding products are very strong, and this will lengthen removal time which is not ideal for timing and the natural nail. It may need buffing off which adds time and also needs great care not to buff the natural nail plate.

7. Preparation is EVERYTHING. A good quality brand that has good research and development, good application protocols, matched systems (this includes the UV lamp or L&P) should NOT need any additional bonder!

8. If you can’t make your brand work without an additional ‘bonder’ then look at your understanding, your brand, your education and your prep!

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