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Is acetone safe for removing nail products?

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Is acetone a safe solvent for removing nail coatings?

Here are the facts, acetone occurs naturally in our bodies, in low concentrations, so it’s not a foreign substance, therefore acetone is very unlikely to harm the body when it’s used to remove nail coatings. It can temporarily remove excessive amounts of surface oil which can cause the skin to appear “dried out” but no one becomes allergic to acetone, despite what some say or believe.

Only use acetone for cosmetic purposes from a beauty supplier. There are many grades of acetone and some, bought elsewhere, can have contaminants that can cause skin problems including allergies.

However some people become allergic to any uncured ingredients released by the acetone. If it happens during removal, the improper curing of the nail coating is probably to blame, not the use of acetone. In fact, when a client develops a sensitivity related to acetone or any other solvent removers, that is generally a strong indication that their nail coatings are not being properly cured. This happens no matter what solvents are used and is a powerful reason for ensuring proper curing of nail coating, not a reason for avoiding acetone.

Acetone is a safe solvent for these applications, assuming it is used wisely e.g. kept away from flames, sparks, and not handled improperly, etc. Read the warnings and safety data sheet and heed the directions for use, and if you do, you and your clients should be safe.

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