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Can I use superglue instead of resin for fiberglass nail extensions or does that not work the same?

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Resins that are made to be used with fiberglass nail extensions are certified for use on nails and registered as for use in nail coatings for professionals. If you follow the manufacturers instructions it should work well even so its not a product that should touch the skin at any moment during the nail service.

Superglue is not a cosmetic grade product and could trigger:

  1. Allergic Reactions
    a) Allergic reactions are for life and it could be that you or your client will no longer be able to: 
    b) have dental work or implants
    c) Or that an orthopedic surgeon will not be able to glue any broken bones or wounds together should the need arise in the future

2. Cause the nail coating to become too hard
a) This can cause damage to the nail bed or hyponychium

3. Cause a chemical reaction that could lead to burns

Risks of Substituting Superglue for Resin in Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Using superglue instead of the recommended resin is not a smart thing to do.

In short: No you should not use superglue instead of the recommended resin for fiberglass nail extensions, the risk of problems arising is just to great.

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