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Does a manicure cause median nail dystrophy (solenonychia)?

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Manicures themselves typically don’t cause median nail dystrophy, also known as solenonychia.

This condition is more commonly associated with repeated trauma or pressure to the nail matrix (the area where the nail grows), which can result from various factors such as tight-fitting shoes, repetitive tapping or pressure on the fingertips, or underlying medical conditions.

However, aggressive manicuring techniques or improper use of tools could potentially contribute to nail trauma, which may exacerbate existing nail conditions or lead to new ones. It’s important to practice proper nail care techniques and avoid excessive trauma to the nails to maintain their health and integrity.

If you’re concerned about any changes in your nails or experiencing discomfort, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and advice.

Solenonychia, or Heller's Median Nail Dystrophy
Solenonychia, Median Nail Dystrophy
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