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What causes the skin reaction after the nail product is removed?

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My client had a skin reaction after the product was removed. Could it be the actual UV gel is breaking down and that is what the client is reacting too instead of the remover?


Yes I agree, this reaction is NOT caused by acetone. How can I say this so assuredly? Contrary to what some may believe acetone does not cause skin allergies and clients don’t become allergic to acetone. Acetone can dry the skin and may cause skin irritation, but that’s much different from an allergic reaction. Salt can dry and irritate skin as well, but your body doesn’t become allergic to salt either. This skin reaction is most likely caused by uncured monomers or oligomers being released into the solvent when the nail coating breaks apart. Some nail professionals only cure their UV gel nails to 70% or less, which leaves a lot of unreacted ingredients inside the hardened nail enhancement. The same is true for UV gel polishes.

When any nail coating is NOT properly cured, the solvent may dissolve uncured ingredients and then may help let these same ingredients slip past the skin’s outer surface barrier. Once inside the skin, certain specific substances can confuse the immune system and cause it to create an allergic skin reaction. But the solvent isn’t the problem, the dissolved substances which are called the “solute”, are what causes the allergy or skin irritation. That is why allergic skin reactions are much more likely to occur when the nail coatings are not properly cured and are much less likely when nail coatings are properly cured. So, the first thing I would do is focus on ensuring a proper cure. Ask yourself, is the correct nail lamp being used and as used directed? Are the UV bulbs cleaned and replaced regularly? Is the product too thickly applied? Are the directions for use being followed and all instructions and warnings being heeded? 

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