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Dotting Nail Art

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Dotting nail art

What is dotting?

Dotting nail art is exactly what it says: creating a wide variety of designs using dots! It can be achieved using brushes but is easier using dotting tools of various sizes.

How do you create dotting nail art?

Dotting isn’t just about creating a series of isolated dots. (Although using a clear top coat in either gloss or matt can be very effective over a solid colour). There are many very effective designs created using ‘dots on dots’ many of which can be discovered on the internet. Here are some examples:

  • Dots placed in a circular way, to create a small flower.
  • Randomly placed dots, even size or multiple sizes, same color or various colors.
  • Dot-on-dot design.
  • Geometrically placed dots.
  • Size play.
  • Creating mandalas with dots.
  • And so much more!

The best tool to use is, of course, a dotting tool. These tools have a small, round bead at the end of them. This is the part that you will dip in nail polish, gel polish, or nail art paint with which you will create your dots. They come in different sizes of beads, to help you create bigger or smaller dots.

For uniform size dots, you need to dip your tool in the color for each dot. However, you can also create a series of dots going from bigger to smaller just by loading your dotting tool properly, and then keep dotting until there is no more color on the bead.

It is a quick, easy, and very commercial technique.

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