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Lamellar Dystrophy

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What is Lamellar Dystrophy and what causes it?

This condition is also known as Onychoshizia or delamination or splitting nails. The condition can originate when the matrix area is injured or affected due to the systemic disease. However, in most cases the direct impact of some chemicals takes place and the layers of the nail split or peel at the nail edge.

Lamellar Dystrophy can be caused by harsh chemicals or frequent wetting, diseases including psoriasis, protein deficiency, fashion diets, pregnancy, injury, or improper use of nail products.

Who does it affect?

Mostly women, older individuals, nurses, hairdressers, nail biters.

How can nail technicians help?

The condition can be successfully cured if the source of the problem is found. A nail professional can significantly help to treat this condition along with a doctor’s recommendations. You can offer hot oil manicure, massage of the cuticle area, cuticle oils, hydrating lotions, nail edge sealing. Nail gels, polishes and other nail coatings also show perfect results when used properly as they can also play the protective role for nails.

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