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Why should I use a flexible base?

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Why should I use a flexible base?


Hello, I am wondering why is it important to place a flexible base and product on a naturally flexible nail. I myself have a flexible nail and I hate it. I did use rubber bases but I hate the bending feeling once it happens, I prefer acrylic. Is this really necessary? Is this bad for my nail?


The only time there is any need to use a flexible base is when a nail plate is naturally flexible.
Nail plates are meant to be flexible as the pad of skin below it is moving all the time with the use of the fingers. The nail gives the end of the finger some rigidity for dexterity. If the skin is flexible and the nail plate rigid, they would work against each other. That would possibly cause damage to the nail bed.
If a nail is too flexible to keep hold of a UV gel polish, for example, it may need a little strength. If a builder is used that is rigid, then that and the nail would work against each other and the builder could continually lift away.
By providing a little strength with a coating that will flex together with the nail plate, the whole unit of nail plus coatings will flex together as necessary.

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