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Can you sanitize metal tools in isopropyl alcohol?

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Can you sanitize metal tools in isopropyl alcohol?


There is a nail tech saying that you can properly sanitize & disinfect all metal tools like cuticle pushers, nippers, & e-file bits in isopropyl alcohol for 10 seconds. 


No, this is not true! You cannot sanitize your metal tools only in isopropyl alcohol. It may kill a few viruses, and that is why it is used in hand sanitizers. But that is all. Hygiene needs to be a full spectrum that kills all known viruses and bacteria. Fungal spores will only be destroyed in an autoclave.

Proper cleaning is scrubbing under warm water with soap. This will get rid of debris and oils which would stop exposure of the surfaces to the disinfectant. Then drying, then submersing in a hospital-grade disinfectant following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
Anything less is not proper cleaning.

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